Become an administrator?

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What do you do as an administrator:
☛ You can, if you wish, enter your own weather text or other text info.
☛ Regularly check the proper functioning of the web page.
☛ Add new pictures to the website on a regular basis.
☛ Also make sure to share the web page regularly on FB.
☛ Promote this web page.
☛ Try, together with us, to find a banner sponsor.
☛ By mutual agreement, you can appoint a co-manager.

What do you have as an extra:
☛ Name listing on the page. (© & administrator : .........)
☛ Through the FB-button on the page there is a link to your FP-page.
☛ You get access to the admin page.
☛ So you can provide the web page with your pictures.
☛ Page can be created in different languages.

We are expanding
☛ There is no weather station for your town/city yet?
☛ Also for your town/city inland.
☛ Or do you want your own weather page?
☛ Then this is possible under the above conditions.

Are there any costs involved?
☛ Yes, we ask a rather small contribution of 35.00 euro a calendar year.

Why this contribution?
☛ We want to attract motivated people.
☛ We don´t want a dormant, but an always uptodate page.
☛ Through this small financial contribution you support our project.
☛ You attract people to your own FB page.

For further info fill in our contact form.